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Everything started in the province of Arcadia on the Peloponnesus, Greece, in 1938. This is where Niko Deligiannis – the inventor of Niko’s Pitta – was born. Together with his family he moved to Germany in 1963. After having gained experience in the catering-industry for many years he built his pita manufactory in Salzkotten in 1979.

The company grew steadily and developed in a very positive way. In 1990 the recipe for Niko’s Pitta was patented by the German patent office.

After Niko had retired, Annette and Rüdiger Söthe took over the company in January 2002. Until today the experienced crew and the proven recipe have been the company’s secret. “Our success confirms it“, Rüdiger Söthe says.
Niko often returns to his former work place. He simply cannot do without the smell of freshly made pita bread…